Grei Smoke and the Flowna

As written by Jacos Lancing:

Finally! It is the day we are finally headed to the City of Heaven, Junnator! The destination which I had set out for in the very beginning. But this is not any vacation... for we are going there to put an end to Ketran's terror. And what is more? I am the one who has to face Ketran personally! Because I have two of the Luna Stone pieces, which greatly increase my speed, strength, and agility. Ketran uses two of the Luna Stone pieces himself... so I hope in everything that my practice will pay off.
Going against what I imagined about Junnator, I had found out that it is surrounded by a huge desert, not the vast magical flora. There is a wall built all the way around the desert as well. Saichi tells me that the wall was built by a group of warriors called the Flowna. Maldon is coming with us this time, as he says the Flowna are very protective of Junnator, and they never allow anyone to travel to the city. When we finally found a Flowna base in the desert, Maldon explained our mission to their leader, Grei Smoke.
Wolves must be very rare, Grei Smoke is only the second wolf I have ever seen in my life.
The Flowna leader was in agreement, they themselves will not set foot in Junnator because it is sacred to them, but Ketran's evil must be stopped. So Grei Smoke allowed us, the Dragon Slayers, to enter Junnator to slay Ketran, but then to immediately exit the city.
I could not believe... I spend so long trying to get to Junnator, but now I find out once I get there, I will either die in battle or leave shortly and never be able to come back. Katsona is coming with me.

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