As written by Jacos Lancing:

Master Saichi told me to go out and patrol the nearby mountian cliffs to look for clues on existing Dragon Treasures. Damn, I was pissed. While I would be wandering about in the middle of the night looking for stuff in the dark, he was just going to play around trying to seduce Kammy again. So I went out about ten miles west from the Inn in the town of Brenet. I was out there for about three hours then decided to head back, but then a strange glow from a crack in the cliffs caught my eye. I went to the crack and looked inside. It appeared to be very deep. I managed to slip inside and I traveled down a long tunnel that went deep into the mountain, I followed the light.
After around five minutes, I came upon an enormous cavern, full of colorful plant life growing on all the walls and ledges. A strange light filled the cavern, as I could not see where the light source was coming from. Walking to the large depression in the center, I could see a large underground lake at the bottom. I stepped closer to the legde to look down, because I saw something moving around in the water, but I may have placed my foot in the wrong place, because that piece of the ledge was not so solid, and fell from under my foot... and so I fell with it. Luckily, I was not hurt as I landed on another ledge that was just a few inches above the water. As I was about to get up, a beautiful figure caught my eye: A vixen, in all her natural beauty, standing in the water, who had appeared to have been batheing in the water. I looked, and saw that she was looking right back at me. I paniced! I thought she was going to scream, strike me, and/or flee from me. I sat up quickly, "I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to se your... uh...". But the vixen just looked to me and smiled, then she said, "That is alright. I did not expect to see you here, either."
I was shocked, I did not know what to say. The vixen spoke up again, "Let me go get dressed, and I shall come back to meet you". She went to get out on the other side of the lake. That
| is when I found out something stange about her: I could see that she had two tails as I watched her ascend from the water. The vixen came back dressed ten minutes later and sat down next to me where I waited. She told me that her name was Katsona. She had no knowledge of ever meeting anyone else before, not even any relatives, and had been living in this cavern her whole life. It suprised me that she was even able to speak. She was no shy girl at all. I was a little nervous when she had asked me if I would like to stroke her tails. They were very soft, the softest that I had ever felt... not that I had gone around feeling the tails of other vixens. Felt nervous... or maybe it was excitement when she wanted to feel my tail as well.
I told Katsona that I must go, and that I wanted to bring her with me. She willingly came, as she seemed interested to learn more about me. I went back to Saichi and showed Katsona to him. Despite seeing her two tails, Saichi just carried on, treating her no different from a normal girl. Then when it was time for Saichi to assign to us sleeping rooms for the night, it was no suprise that he would put himself in the same room as Kammy. But he wanted me to sleep in the same room with Katsona! The room he gave us only had one bed. I told Katsona that she would be the one to sleep on the bed, while I choose a spot on the floor. I had my back to her as I laid, unaware that she had laid down right next to me. I turned around to look at her, and feaked out when I saw that she laid nude next to me! I did not know what to do but to look at her. I gazed upon her tails again, remember how soft they were when she let me touch them. I could not help but to stroke them again, because I loved how they felt. I moved my hands around other parts of her fur, which felt just as soft. Damn, I gave in. I pulled off my shirt and cuddled up with Katsona on the floor and went to sleep.
The next morning, when I went to Saichi, he noticed Katsona's yellow furs on me, and had his own opinions on what may have happened.

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