The Spectral Princesses of Sanlan

As written by Jacos Lancing:

I always thought that the castle of a rich cat would be one of the cleanest places across the world. This was disproved as I crawled through a ventilation shaft of Castle Asool. It was only ten meters that I needed to sneaak through to get to the royal bedchamber, but I have never collected so much dust and lint in my fur at anyone time ever in my life. The hardest part about it was trying to keep the metal soles of my boots from clanging against the walls of the shaft, in the case that Lord Asool would be alerted of my presence.
Reached the grating, and I peered through silently into the bedchamber. It was as our client, Endza, told me: The room was all decorated in several shades of blue. The large bed was right next to the grate, and there appeared to be no one in the bedchamber at the time, so silent as I could, I popped the grate from its mount and laid it softly onto the dark cerulean carpet. Slipping myself out of the vent shaft was no clean movement, as I had also brought clumps of thick dust out with me, and it decorated the carpet in an untidy fashion. I stood up quickly brush myself off, an object other than the color blue caught the corner of my eye, and I turned my head to find out that my previous observation about the unoccupied bedchamber was wrong. A white female cat was on the bed, and the sudden suprise would have caused me to yelp out loud if I had not half-muffled it with my hands. My noisy mistake probably was not heard outside the room, but it was enough to cause a stir in the sleeping girl.
The white cat had long blue hair, and orange dye markings on her arms and legs. She had three piercings in each ear like Endza had, and was wearing just a skimpy blue bikini. Maybe this was Krista, Endza's sister that she asked us to rescue.
She awoke and turned toward me, then her eyes widened with the realization that she ws not alone in the room, either. She backed up to the opposite side of the bed, while all I could do was keep my mouth covered to prevent other audible mishaps. "Wha-...?" she looked to the door, which was locked, then looked back to me, "How a-... What do you want?!"
I had to take a deep breath before I was able to utter an understandable speech. "Are you Krista?"
She hesitated for a moment before answering, "Yes... but who are you? You can't be one of Lord Azool's servants," she said, probably because of the fact that I was not wearing blue like the rest of the castle was.
"I am with the Dragon Slayers. Your sister, Endza, had asked us to rescue you from this castle."
Krista got up quickly with excitement, "Endza? How did she know I was here?" she came around the bed to take hold of my arm, "Please, sir! I must get out quickly. Lord Azool will be here any moment with the dye to make me his blue mate, and likely to take full pleasure of my vulnerable self."
"Alright," I stepped aside to reveal the opened ventilation, "Just crawl through this hole here and it will take you outside, where the others are waiting."
She bent down and made a disgusted look as she looked down the length of the small passage, "But its filthy in there. Yuck! You'll have to go through first and wipe the dust out for me."
For wanting to get rescued in a hurry, she sure was picky about the escape route, "You have to go in first in case someone comes in while you're crawling through."
"I am NOT going to get dirty for any reason!" she insisted.
I looked around and noticed the curtains hanging above the head of the bed, and that gave me an idea. "Alright, here is what we'll do:" I tore the curtains from the wall and tossed them over Krista. "Use that to cover yourself so you won't get dirty!"
The noise we were making in the bedchamber probably accelerated Azool's time to get here. Azool unlocked the door and entered the room just as Krista forced herself into the unpleasant vent, and as Krista predicted, he came with bottles of bleach and blue dye, and was only wearing a small pair of shorts. "What is this disaster!?" He almost dropped a bottle, but caught it before it created a new blue spot in the carpet. "Intruder! Guards!"
As Krista was taking her sweet time navigating around dust specks, I had to buy her some time. I grabed the corner of the bed matress and flipped it to throw it at Azool and cover the doorway. This knocked him back and the sound of breaking glass and angered yelling could be heard outside on the other side of the matress. After seeing that this new barricade would last long, I wedged the matress further into the doorway, then rushed to the vent opening behind Krista and pushed against her backside to encourage her to go faster. Her insulted screaming was amplified by the walls of the ventilation, but the curtain wrapped around her made it easier to slide her faster along the shaft.

As Krista emerged from the outside end of the vent, and Cain and Master Saichi took hold of her and lowered her to the ground, dispite her verbal protests.
I poked my head out, "Go, now! They know we're here!" then managed to slip out as Master Saichi escorted Krista to safety. I followed close behind.

We had delivered Krista to an Inn where Endza was waiting for us.
Endza got up quickly at the sight of her rescued sister. "Krista! You're alright! I finally found you!" she ran up to Krista and hugged her tightly. "Father will finally be happy again!"
Katsona was also there waiting for me, and she was just as happy that I have also returned.
"Now," Master Saichi began giving new instructions, "we'll get a transport arranged for both of you to go back home to Sanlan. Jacos, you stay here with our clients and make sure they stay safe."
I had nodded to the orders as the other Dragon Slayers left with Master Saichi.
Then Krista decided to recite a rant to Endza, "Oh, sister, you would not believe how degrading this experience was for me! That Lord Azool stripped me of my dress and fondled my body! Then he threatened to turn me blue and make me his mate! Then this fox comes and puts his hands by my tail to push me through a dusty hole! But, oh! Thank the Love Dragon that it's all coming to an end now-!" She was cut short as Endza put her hand to cover her mouth.
"No! Don't mention that in front of these people!" Endza was now frightened.
However, I did hear everything that Krista said. The mention of Love Dragon would spark my interest, for the slight possibility that they possessed Dragon Treasures. "Love Dragon, girls?"
Krista then asked, "What? Why couldn't I say that?"
Endza did not know how to explain it to Krista without saying too much, knowing that I was then listening very carefully, "Well it's... that fox is a Dragon Slayer. That means... if he found out... he will destroy any Dragon Treasures!"
Fear took over Krista, and she started to hold on to Endza tightly as she was also held by Endza, "Oh, sister! I'm sorry! I didn't know!"
I did not want to sound mean, but it was my duty to confront them after hearing this new lead, "Unless you surrender all of your Dragon Treasures peacefully, we will not hesitate to search you and your property by force. Dragon Treasures have caused many battles across the world, and many lives were lost. You can prevent a lot of conflict if you would just allow us to destroy them."
Endza started crying, as well as Krista, "So you will kill us either way, won't you, monster!?"
I explained again, "No, you just hand it over and we will leave you in peace."
"You don't understand..." Krista was brave enough to explain, "we... we are the Dragon Treasures! *Sob* You'll destroy us to complete your mission!"
I was shocked. Was it really possible? "How is it that you yourselves are Dragon Treasures?"
Endza calmed herself down, "I'll tell you how it is so:

"The King and Queen of Sanlan were ready to have kittens, and they went to the Dragon Portal in Sanlan to ask for Love Dragon's blessings. Love Dragon did this, and months later, six female kittens were born. But these were not normal girls, they possessed a mysterious power. The power to amplifiy color all across the world, when love would be expressed toward them. So they were called the 'Spectral Princesses'. As the girls grew up, they were loved more and more, and the world became more colorful for everyone that lived in it.

"So you see, sir," Endza concluded, "that Krista and I are two of the six Spectral Princesses of Sanlan, Dragon Treasures that you mean to destroy."
I was in a stuck situation. It is my duty to destroy Dragon Treasures, but would it be right to kill innocent people who are born as Dragon Treasures?
Master Saichi came back, "Alright, girls your rides are here... Were you two crying?"
Endza and Krista stood silent, waiting to see if I would call them out and have them killed.
"They were crying." I finally said, "because they are..." I did not mean to give them such a suspence, but I was still trying to decide, "They were crying because... they are happy. Happy to finally be going home together, where they will hopefully never be bothered again."
Endza and Krista were relieved. "Oh, thank you!"
Master Saichi smiled, "Well, glad we could help.

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